Do you want to run with champions?

CP-Carrillo offers over 600 shelf pistons and rods featuring Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM and many others for your street or powersports application. All our pistons and rods are designed through extensive research and development with the cooperation of some of the biggest names in motorsports.

CP-Carrillo Platinum kits.

These kits are available of the shelf and include a MX style piston, DLC Pin, Carrillo connecting rod and a Cometic EST gasket. These kits have been thoroughly tested and offer you a cost effective way to get the most out your projects. These kits come in standard bore sizes and accommodate stock stroke crankshafts allowing racers to remain legal in stock displacement classes.


In addition to CP-Carrillo kits we also offer CPK and CPKX kits for all of our catalog applications. We have arranged the pricing so that it is more beneficial to buy a kit then to buy the components separate. Kit includes: piston, pin, locks, rings and gasket. In 2009, we tested the market with these kits and the response was overwhelming. Customers like the added value that these kits offer as well as the availability and simplicity when ordering. All of these kits come complete in one package, making shipping and storing easy.

M/MX Piston Kits

CP-Carrillo offers two kinds of 4 stroke : standard “M” kits and “MX” kits. The main difference between these parts is that the MX kits are a fully boxed style part with skirt coating. These pistons took about 2 years to develop – it actually started with Ricky Carmichael. These MX kits will come standard with DLC.

The X factor

Project X for competitive street bikes / Powersport applications – off the shelf fully boxed pistons for a variety of street bike and Powersport applications. CP Pistons fully boxed forgings are designed to minimize friction and reduce weight without compromising piston strength. CP adjust the weight balance between the high and low areas of the piston during the forging process and incorporates bracing and ribs for near unbeatable strength. The inherent design of CP Piston’s X forgings allow for the use of a shorter pin which increases strength and overall lightness of the assembly.

New for 2010, we have added a few 2 stroke kits this year and plan on adding more throughout the year. We offer our 2 stroke kits with the pin bearing (added value) and have priced these to be competitive with other forged 2 stroke parts.

CP-Carrillo also offers a wide variety of products made specifically for you application. Each piston and rod is designed using sophisticated 3-D modeling software and manufactured with advanced techniques making you piston and rod the lightest and strongest on the market. See custom section for more details.

Millenium oversize cylinders are available for certain applications. See cylinder chapter under catalog section for more information.

Cometic gasket kits are available for all shelf parts. See gasket chapter under catalog section for more information. Gasket kits are listed in the catalog to correspond with your application.